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Ministry of justice

Project B2G, SAAS
Legal discussions in a visual conference within optimizing the benefits of digital and reducing the gap in access to justice



Creating a platform for the non-digital world of law. Turning a long physical experience into a quick digital one, while maintaining the values, respect and strict laws


A platform as model SAAS for Judges, lawyers, prosecutors, defendants and witnesses that providing a full cycle - from the beginning of the lawsuit, the trial and the Verdict.


My responsibilities: RESEARCH | CONCEPT  | UX | UI

The Platform provides a revolutionary solution for legal discussions to be held online.

The need for this platform arose following the Corona epidemic, when it was not possible to hold legal hearings and a great burden was created on the judicial system.

The platform is safe, secure, and convenient, allowing lawyers, judges and litigants to take part in discussions from the comfort of their own homes.


Our goal is to make the legal process more accessible and efficient, and to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to receive the justice they deserve. The platform allows to hold legal discussions with the same level of quality and professionalism as if it were in a physical court setting.

" The burden

on the legal system

has decreased about 22%

of legal hearings

now being done online. "


Participating in legal discussions to understand the physical research field

Global discussions for systems research in the world

Brainstorming and research sessions

Our innovative technology creates a unique space for court participants to discuss and negotiate their cases. By utilizing a pre-discussion screen, users are able to receive information relevant to their case before beginning the discussion itself.
Once on the discussion screen, participants can go up on video and conduct their discussion with the rules of the court.
Our goal is to provide an effective and comfortable way for users to resolve their court cases.

I have conducted extensive research to ensure that the platform provides the best possible user experience. This includes honing in on a number of prominent personas, with the main one being the judge - the manager of the discussion, who has many features to help them control the proceedings.

I have also paid special attention to the visual aspect of the platform, preserving the locations of the physical legal hearing to project respectability and observance of court rules. With the Platform, judges, lawyers, and court administrators have the tools they need to create a secure and efficient legal environment.




H1: 42 px Rubik

H2: 36 px Rubik

H3: 26 px Rubik

H4: 24 px Rubik


# 263FB4

# 021576


# 038638

# 996300

important feature where the judge can perform actions and control the discussions

conducts the hearing and has the ability to delay and cancel the hearing

Depending on the status of the participants, the judge will decide when to start the hearing

Panel behavior that gives the maximum size of the screen and the possibility to perform actions easily

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