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MacabiDent app, Project B2B 
A mobile application designed to help people book the best dental care


Booking a dental treatment in existing app.  Turning a physical experience into a quick digital one and creating it as a convenient and accessible user flow.


Convevient user flow with the choice of the user -  booking dental care by place or by doctor name.
The user gets the complete information and has the choice to change it anytime.


My Responsibilities: UX | UI

MacabiDent is an innovative mobile app designed to help people find and book the best dental care available in their area.

Developed with convenience and ease of use in mind, MacabiDent offers a comprehensive database of dental care providers that can be sorted through by location, services offered, cost, and more. 

Whether the user looking for a new dentist, a root canal specialist, or a teeth whitening appointment, MacabiDent has his covered. With its simple and intuitive interface, MacabiDent makes it easy to find the dental care needed.


The research included analayzing the research field and benchmark.

During the study I realized that I want the user will have the option to choose which way he prefers to find a dental care.

Analyzing the brief from the client


" With macabident app,

reduced by 38%

the scheduling of appointments through the call center. "


MacabiDent has an app that makes scheduling medical visits easy and efficient.

With the application the user can see information for several users like his children.

In addition, the user can quickly find a doctor near by, or search for a specific doctor by name.

The user can also view additional information about the doctor such as their qualifications, reviews, and availability. MacabiDent gives the choice to schedule an appointment at the click of a button. 


By one click from home page,
the user starts the flow for booking a doctor's appointment


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H1: 42 px Almoni

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The choice of the user -  searching  by place or by doctor name

Getting all the information before confirming the appointment

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